Hashing is the transformation of a string of characters into a usually shorter fixed-length value or key that represents the original string. Hashing is used to index and retrieve items in a database because it is faster to find the item using the shorter hashed key than to find it using the original value.

Geschichte von Hash

Geschichte von Hash. Version 1.0.0 Initial release. Version 1.0.2 Addition of SHA256 algorithm. Addition of DSS1 algorithm. Addition of Algorithms menu. Addition of Window menu. Addition of Algorithms selector. Version 1.0.5 Hash was rewritten. New interface. New compare system. New preferences. New export mode. Hash access VirusTotal API to check the integrity of your file. […]


 Hashing tool. Hash is your utility to validate the check sum a file (file checksum). With „Hash“ you calculate the hash of a file. Version 1.0.0 > 1.0.2 Version 1.0.5 > Version 1.0.7 Hash supports the following algorithms : Adler32 CRC16 CRC32 DSS1 GOST-MAC MD4 MD5 MDC2 RMD160 SHA SHA1 SHA224 SHA256 SHA384 SHA512 […]