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mDNSResponder mDNSResponder — Multicast DNS daemon SYNOPSIS mDNSResponder DESCRIPTION mDNSResponder (also known as mdnsd on some systems) is a daemon invoked at boot time to implement Multicast DNS and DNS Service Discovery. mDNSResponder listens UDP port 5353 for Multicast DNS Query packets. When it receives a query for which it knows an answer, mDNSResponder issues […]


MD5 MD2, MD4, MD5, MD2_Init, MD2_Update, MD2_Final, MD4_Init, MD4_Update, MD4_Final, MD5_Init, MD5_Update, MD5_Final – MD2, MD4, and MD5 hash functions SYNOPSIS #include (openssl/md2.h) unsigned char *MD2(const unsigned char *d, unsigned long n, unsigned char *md); void MD2_Init(MD2_CTX *c); void MD2_Update(MD2_CTX *c, const unsigned char *data, unsigned long len); void MD2_Final(unsigned char *md, MD2_CTX *c); #include […]


Wassenaar Arrangement / COCOM 1. Export/ import controls COCOM COCOM (Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls) was an international organization for the mutual control of the export of strategic products and technical data from country members to proscribed destinations. It maintained, among others, the International Industrial List and the International Munitions List. In 1991, COCOM […]


OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) The OECD released its Recommendation of the Council concerning Guidelines for Cryptography Policy on 27 March 1997. The guidelines are non-binding recommendations to Member governments, meaning that they will not be part of international law. The Guidelines provide principles which states should take into account and balance in […]