Time Up 1.0.5

Neue Version von Time Up

Time Up


Eine neue Version von Time Up 1.0.5 wurde heute auf den Mac App Store Review-Team eingereicht :


Time Up


In diesem Update:


– Minimum system requirements required.(10.8)
– Addition of a comprehensive help.
– Addition of new alarms.
– Addition of the full screen support.
– Addition of the list resizing.
– Addition of the list printing.
– Addition of the notifications.
– Addition of the Retina support for toolbar.
– Addition of the sections.
– Addition of the time edition.
– Addition of the TXT export.
– Addition of the XML export.


 Time Up


– Addition of a new field for voice notification.
– Correction of the Time Up icon.
– Correction of the font selector.
– Correction of the cleaning.
– Correction of the loading.
– Correction of the help menu.
– Correction of the menu bar.
– Correction of the preferences.
– Correction of the no duration message.
– Correction of the Time Up messages.
– Correction of the toolbar.
– Correction of the voices.

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